ITZY’s Ryujin Receives Praise for Her “Handsome-Pretty” Visuals During Korea University Performance

ITZY‘s Ryujin stuns fans with electrifying performance and mesmerizing visuals at a university in Korea.

On May 25, the talented K-pop group ITZY delivered an electrifying performance at Korea University, where they delighted fans with hit songs such as “DALLA DALLA,” “Mafia in the Morning,” and “WANNABE.”

While all the members showcased their exceptional talent and style, it was Ryujin who caught the attention of netizens with her captivating appearance and powerful stage presence.

Let’s delve into the online buzz and see what netizens had to say about Ryujin‘s mesmerizing performance.

As news of Ryujin‘s stunning visuals spread, the online community, particularly on the popular forum Pann Nate, erupted with praise for the ITZY member.

Here are some of the enthusiastic comments shared by Korean netizens:

“She’s the OG ‘handsome-pretty.'”

“Wow, she has such pure beauty.”

“I hope everyone gets to know how pretty, nice, handsome, and funny Ryujin is.”

“Shin Ryujin, you’re f*cking amazing, and I love you so much!”

“This reminds me of her MIXNINE/DALLA DALLA era… F*cking gorgeous nonetheless.”

Not only did Korean netizens shower Ryujin with compliments, but international fans also expressed their awe and admiration for her.

Many fans lauded the stylist’s choice of outfit, which perfectly complemented Ryujin‘s natural beauty and enhanced her charismatic stage presence.

Ryujin’s captivating appearance and undeniable talent have always been a topic of discussion among fans. With her iconic shoulder-length hairstyle, fresh and light makeup, and the eye-catching Korea University crop top, Ryujin exuded confidence and charm.

The combination of her stunning visuals and energetic performance created a powerful aura that captivated audiences both in person and through screens.

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