“I really enjoyed it” — Actor Kim Gun Woo Says His Ex-Girlfriend’s Curry Recipe Continues to Haunt Him After Breakup

Actor Kim Gun Woo recently appeared on SBS’ entertainment program “My Little Old Boy” and treated his high school close friends with his special dish – curry.

The episode aired on May 7th and it was a delight for the viewers to watch the actor and his friends reminisce about old times while enjoying the delicious curry.

Kim Gun Woo revealed that curry was his major and he served it to his friends as he had never done it for them before.

His friends were surprised and asked why curry, to which he replied that there was a reason why it was his major. This sparked curiosity in his friends, and one of them asked if the recipe was his ex-girlfriend’s.

The conversation took an unexpected turn when Kim Gun Woo confessed that he had a hard time because of curry after breaking up with his ex-girlfriend.

He admitted that he really enjoyed the curry made by his ex-girlfriend and went to many curry restaurants to forget that taste. However, he couldn’t find it, so he developed a recipe himself.

The heartwarming moment between Kim Gun Woo and his friends over curry left the viewers touched. Netizens also expressed their thoughts and opinions on the episode.

Here are some of the comments:

“I love how food can bring people together and create special memories. Kim Gun Woo and his friends are so adorable.”

“I can relate to Kim Gun Woo’s struggle of trying to forget the taste of food after a breakup. But it’s heartening to see that he found a way to enjoy curry again.”

“I always love watching celebrities bonding with their friends on ‘My Little Old Boy’. It’s so heartwarming and makes me want to hang out with my own friends too.”

“Kim Gun Woo’s friends are so supportive and understanding. It’s great to have friends like that.”

“I hope Kim Gun Woo shares his curry recipe with his fans. I would love to try it out!”

“The way Kim Gun Woo talks about his ex-girlfriend’s curry shows how much he cared for her. It’s sad that they broke up, but I’m happy he found a way to move on.”

“I’m not a fan of curry, but this episode made me want to try it. Kim Gun Woo’s friends are so lucky to have him cook for them.”

“This episode proves that even celebrities have their own struggles and hardships. It’s important to have a support system, just like Kim Gun Woo’s friends.”

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