“We’ll be waiting for you” — GOT7’s Jinyoung receives overwhelming support from fans as he enters military service

GOT7‘s Jinyoung has officially entered basic military training on May 8, KST to fulfill his mandatory service.

BH Entertainment, Jinyoung‘s agency, announced his enlistment and stated that there will be no separate official event held to minimize crowding due to safety concerns.

The agency also urged fans to refrain from visiting the site since the entrance ceremony for the recruit training center is a private event with a large number of soldiers and their families.

Prior to enlistment, Jinyoung posted a photo of his short hair on his social media account, drawing attention from fans.

On May 4, KST, Jinyoung posted a handwritten letter on his social media account, surprising fans with the news of his enlistment.

He said, “Are you surprised to hear the news of my enlistment? Everyone is worried, but I think I’ve become calmer and more reassured now that I’ve met you guys. I promise to think of you all, stay healthy, experience many things, and come back as a better person. I am always grateful and I love you.” 

He expressed his gratitude to his fans and promised to return as a better person after experiencing many things during his service.

Netizens have been expressing their support and love for Jinyoung on social media, wishing him the best during his military service.

Here are some of the comments from fans:

“We will miss you, Jinyoung! Come back safely and healthy.”

“Jinyoung, fighting! We’ll be waiting for you.”

“It’s a sad day, but we are proud of you for serving your country.”

“Thank you for your service, Jinyoung. We will be here waiting for you.”

“Stay strong and come back even better, Jinyoung! We love you!”

“We’ll always support you, Jinyoung! Take care and stay healthy.”

“Jinyoung, you’re a role model for us all. Good luck and stay safe!”

“We’ll be counting the days until your return, Jinyoung! Fighting!”

“Jinyoung, we’re proud of you and your dedication to serving your country. Stay safe!”

“You will be missed, Jinyoung. We will be eagerly waiting for your return.”

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