“The Perfect Combination!” Jun Ji Hyun and Kang Dong Won Reportedly Will Join Forces for the First Time for Upcoming Drama “Bukseong”

Kang Dong Won and writer Jung Seo Kyung, along with director Kim Hee Won, form a top-class combination.

On March 28th, an entertainment industry insider told Sports Chosun, “It seems that Jun Ji Hyun and Kang Dong Won will meet in a new drama called ‘Bukseong (working title),” and that “their appearance is likely.”

Bukseong‘ is a work that Jung Seo Kyung announced to be writing after ‘Little Women’. It is a spy melodrama about spies who have lost their identity and their story of being sought after, and is expected to captivate viewers.

What is particularly anticipated about this work is that Jun Ji Hyun and Kang Dong Won have met through it.

The fact that viewers can see the two top actors, who have each been active on top stages, in a drama is expected to be a gift for viewers.

Jun Ji Hyun has been active as a top actor in movies such as ‘Thieves’, ‘Berlin’, ‘Assassination’, as well as top-grade dramas such as ‘My Love from the Star,’ ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea,’ and the ‘Kingdom’ series.

Jun Ji Hyun has not allowed a single failure in her filmography of movies and dramas, and ‘Bukseong’ is also expected to add to her perfect filmography.

Kang Dong Won‘s casting is somewhat surprising. Kang Dong Won has been active on the screen through works such as ‘Kundo’, ‘The Divine Move’, and ‘The Priests’.

He had not appeared in dramas for about 20 years since ‘What Happened in Bali’ in 2004 and ‘Magic’ in 2004. His casting is considered to be exceptional.

Writer Jung Seo Kyung and director Kim Hee Won have already collaborated through tvN’s ‘Little Women,’ which aired last year.

Jung Seo Kyung, who has shown a unique worldview through works such as the drama ‘Mother’ and movies ‘The Handmaiden’, ‘Thirst’, and ‘Bat’, has received steady attention for her new works since the end of ‘Little Women.’

Expectations for her new work have also risen through various announcements. It is also a pleasure to see her reunion with director Kim Hee Won, who received good reviews from ‘Little Women’ and has shown delicate directorial skills through works such as ‘Money Flower’ and ‘The Sun Does Not Move.’

The perfect combination acknowledged by viewers has raised interest in what kind of results the two can produce through ‘Bukseong.’

Bukseong‘ will begin filming as soon as casting is completed, and the current broadcasting platform is undecided, with multidimensional discussions underway.



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