“Is She Really in Her 40s?” — Song Hye Kyo Proves Age Is Just A Number In New Age-Defying Photoshoot

Netizens couldn’t believe that Song Hye Kyo is in her forties because she looks so young and has perfect skin.

On March 20, 2023, netizens were stunned by Song Hye Kyo‘s age-defying beauty after a post titled “WOW SONG HYE KYO IS FREAKING PRETTY…IS SHE REALLY 43…?” was shared on an online community forum.

The post included photos from Song Hye Kyo‘s previous photoshoot with Elle magazine, where the actress flaunted her flawless skin, plump lips, and youthful beauty.

Despite being born in 1981, Song Hye Kyo turns 42 years old in November of this year. However, according to Korean age calculations, she is already 43 years old as of January 1, 2023.

Netizens were quick to comment on the post, expressing their disbelief at how the actress looks much younger than her actual age.

“I’m so happy that ‘The Glory‘ is so popular.”

“Her nose is really, really, really pretty. While watching ‘The Glory‘, all I could do was look at her nose.”

“Huh? She’s 43? Oh my gosh, she doesn’t look like it at all. She did her makeup in a way that is popular right now, which makes her look even younger.”

“She looks great with that make-up. She looks both new and really attractive.”

“Super pretty.”

“She is famous for the way her facial features are placed.”

“I’ve thought for a long time that Song Hye Kyo is the most beautiful female celebrity.”

“Wow, amazing. She is so beautiful.”

“Song Hye Kyo is the perfect example of how to be a beauty model”

“I wonder what it’s like to always look so good.”

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