“We’re preparing it confidently” — Seventeen’s Hoshi hints at exciting surprises for their April comeback

Seventeen‘s Hoshi exudes confidence before their highly anticipated April comeback

Seventeen‘s Hoshi showed a confident appearance ahead of their April comeback.

On March 12th at 5 PM, the solo fan meeting “2023 SVT 7TH FAN MEETING ‘SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND’” was held at KSPO DOME (formerly known as Gymnastics Stadium) in Songpa-gu, Seoul.

At the end of the fan meeting, each member shared their thoughts on the three-day event. Hoshi greeted the fans and said, “I sincerely thank you for lighting up this place. Everyone came with pickets, and even though your butts might hurt and it was hot, I am grateful. I understand everything.”

Hoshi also mentioned their comeback. Earlier, Seventeen‘s agency, Pledis Entertainment, announced that they were preparing for a new album with the goal of releasing it in April.

Hoshi said, “We have renewed our contract, so albums will continue to come out. Don’t worry about it being too long.

He continued, “As we always say, if we’re not confident, we won’t come out. We’re confident now. So we’re preparing confidently.”

He added, “We have achieved various dreams so far, debut, 1st place, awards, dome tours. Now, my dream is to show Carats a stage that they’re not embarrassed about. That’s my fundamental motivation.

When S.Coups complimented Hoshi saying, “You are always achieving your dreams,” Hoshi replied, “I’m excited because I think I’ll achieve it again this time. Honestly, I’m also considering my hair color.”



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