“His smile is everything” — BTS’ V grins ear-to-ear after receiving a sweet note from a fan on “Jinny’s Kitchen”

BTS‘s V receives heartwarming note from fan on ‘Jinny’s Kitchen

During the March 10th episode of ‘Jinny’s Kitchen,’ a BTS fan in Mexico left a short note expressing her love for V.

The note was discovered by Lee Seo Jin and passed on to V, who was working in the kitchen. V was overjoyed to receive the note and smiled brightly.

Fans and netizens found the interaction to be adorable and heartwarming, with many commenting on the fan’s thoughtfulness and V‘s happiness.

Netizens Comments:

“This is why we love BTS and ARMYs!”

“V deserves all the love in the world.”

“The power of a simple note.”

“I’m so glad V got to see that message of love.”

“It’s amazing how BTS connects with fans from all over the world.”

“This made my day, V’s smile is everything.”

“That fan is so sweet for leaving a note.”

“I love how humble and grateful V is.”

“BTS and ARMYs are family.”

“I love how she just left a note to not inconvenience V”

“It’s the little things that bring the most joy”



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