Actress Kim Sae Ron to Appear in Court for the First Time for Suspected Drunk Driving Accident after 10 Months

Actress Kim Sae Ron to face trial for drunk driving accident

According to the legal industry on March 7th, the first trial for Kim Sae Ron, who has been charged with violating the Road Traffic Act (drunk driving), will take place on March 8th.

This means that Kim Sae Ron will make a public appearance in the courtroom for the first time in 10 months since the drunk driving accident. All eyes are on what position Kim Sae Ron will take in the first trial.

Kim Sae Ron was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol on May 18th, last year, at around 8 a.m. on a road near Hakdong intersection in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

She crashed into a guardrail, trees, and a transformer substation one after another. Her passenger, Mr. A, who was also in the car with her , was also charged with aiding and abetting drunk driving.

At the time, Kim Sae Ron tested positive on a breathalyzer test, but refused to take a blood alcohol test conducted by the police, and went to a nearby hospital for blood sampling.

The test results showed that Kim Sae Ron‘s blood alcohol level was 0.2%, far exceeding the license cancellation limit of 0.08%.

The accident caused the transformer to malfunction, and the surrounding facilities and stores experienced a power outage.

Kim Sae Ron is known to have visited more than 30 merchants who were affected by the accident to personally apologize and compensate for damages.

Kim Sae Ron also apologized through a handwritten apology letter, saying, “There is no excuse for the unfortunate incident, and I am deeply disappointed and ashamed of myself for the mistakes I have made. I will deeply reflect on this and make sure that such an incident never happens again.”

Kim Sae Ron, who debuted as a magazine model in 2001, gained attention through the movie “The Man From Nowhere” in 2010, where he co-starred with actor Won Bin. Afterwards, he appeared in various works such as “The Queen’s Classroom,” “Leverage,” “Mirror of the Witch,” and “The Great Seducer,” and was recognized as a representative child actor who grew up well.

However, she dropped out of upcoming works such as Netflix’s original series “The Hunt,” and SBS’s new drama “Trolley” due to the drunk driving accident and parted ways with her agency, Gold Medalist.



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