“Single’s Inferno” Star Kim Se Jun Is So Popular That Even A Contestant From Season One Is Captivated By Him

Even though she joined later in the season, Kim Se Jun from “Single’s Inferno 2” is one of the most popular contestants.

Not only did he become a fan favorite right away among viewers.

Kim Se Jun is also one of the most popular actors among his co-stars because he looks good and is funny.

Even people from Season 1 love Kim Se Jun, it turns out!

We already knew that Kim Se Jun and Oh Jin Taek are friends, since Kim Se Jun works at Ascottage, the tailor shop that the Season 1 contestant owns.

Kim Se Jun seems to get along well with more than just Oh Jin Taek from Season 1.

Kim Hyeon Joong recently posted a video to his “보통의현중 HYEONJOONG” YouTube channel.

He and his friend Noh Young Joo talked about the new season of Single’s Inferno.

Kim Hyeon Joong thought of the time they met when Kim Se Jun showed up on screen.

He said that when he saw Kim Se Jun, he was shocked. What’s the point? He is just so cute!

Because they both knew Oh Jin Taek, it seemed like Moon Se Hoon and Kim Se Jun became friends.

Watch the video of Kim Hyeon Joong below.



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