“Player 9” Cho Gue Sung Is Leaving Everyone Drooling As Newest “Elle” Model

Since the 2023 FIFA World Cup, photos of world-class soccer player Cho Gue Sung have gone viral. Cho is not only popular in South Korea, but he also has fans all over the world.

Cho was hired as the cover model for the February 2023 issue of ELLE Korea. This was done to show how popular he had become. As usual, he rocked the photo, posing seductively with an ice cream.

He was calm at first, but his washboard abs soon got people excited. We like kings who can be both calm and exciting.

He showed off his seductive side by wearing big jewelry and keeping his chest bare. His muscles don’t just look good! They also work for him on the field, which is clear.

Everyone’s new idea of the perfect guy is a hot soccer player with the number 9 on the back of his jersey.

“Is it free to save these?”


“Thank you.”

“Imma lie down here…”

“What the hell, shouldn’t he also be a model? The last photo is worth dying for.”

“Wow, he’s so good at taking photos.”

“It’s crazy that I’m looking at these things so late at night.”

We need a talent agency to sign him right away!



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