Actor Go Kyung Pyo Was Caught Being A Total “Hype Boy” For NewJeans At 43rd Blue Dragon Film Awards

On November 25, the 43rd Blue Dragon Film Awards brought together some of the biggest names in Korean film. It was a memorable event that Kim Hye Soo and Yoo Yeon Seok hosted.

But the ceremony got a lot of attention when the stars who were there became real K-Pop fans. But besides the awards, there were only some great performances.

The first act of the night was by a new girl group named NewJeans. Even though they just started this year, the girls really owned the stage when they sang “Hype Boy” and “Attention.”

Even the famous people in the audience couldn’t hide their excitement when the performance was so great. IU and Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona were clapping along to the young idols.

Fans were even interested in Tang Wei because it looked like she was filming the performance on her own fancam. But one fan at the ceremony really stood out, and that was actor Go Kyung Pyo.

When it came to NewJeans, the actor wasn’t afraid to show how much he loved the idols. He even danced perfectly to “Hype Boy” and couldn’t stop cheering for them.

As if that wasn’t enough, Go Kyung Pyo was the star of the show when Zico came out for his own performance.

Before going on stage, Zico decided to start in the crowd and moved down the row. He sat next to the actor before going on stage, and it’s safe to say that Go Kyung Pyo was having the time of his life.

Even after Zico got on stage, Go Kyung Pyo and the equally famous Song Eun Yi were really living their best lives.

Along with IU, Ong Seong Wu, and many others who showed how much they liked Zico‘s performance.

Go Kyung Pyo, Song Eun Yi, and Seo Guk In were the last ones to make an impression as the song ended.

Even though award ceremonies can be boring sometimes, the idols really made all the stars who were there feel like fangirls. It’s not surprising that Go Kyung Pyo‘s antics really won over the hearts of netizens.



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