NewJeans’ Haerin Gains Attention For Serving Different Vibes With And Without Circle Lenses

K-Pop and Korean makeup in general use circle lenses a lot. Even if you don’t use big or crazy-colored lenses, just a small, simple one will make a big difference in how you look.

As idols, of course, their circle lenses would be bigger or a different color so that they wouldn’t get washed out by the stage lights. This would fit in with their concept.

On November 25, a post called “NewJeans’ Haerin’s natural eyes without circle lenses” started going viral on Nate‘s community board Pann.

The person who wrote the post said that haters have been spreading photos of Haerin that show how different she looks with and without circle lenses.

The controversial picture of the journalist where she didn’t have her lenses

They are trying to find something to talk about Haerin but still failed because on some stages, her natural black pupils can be seen. When she takes them off, she still looks a lot much younger.

Haerin also let her eyes rest when she has free time, like when she is on the radio. Haerin‘s real age is easy to see when she doesn’t wear make-up or a lens.

The cute beauty is still in her teens, and sometimes the simplest makeup looks bring out her youth.

Meanwhile, Netizens commented:

“She came in second in the brand reputation ranking, and people started making fun of her right away by using that picture. Doesn’t that already tell them the answer? It’s too easy to see”

“I wish that was how my eyes looked without circle lenses, f*ck. They are making it seem like her natural eyes were so different that they deserved to be hated. Her face without makeup is also pretty”


“In the pictures from the post, her makeup is so light that it looks like her face is almost bare. She is much prettier than those kids who wear a lot of makeup and have a lot of plastic surgery”

“Wow, daebak!”

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