Netizens are agreeing that IVE’s stage outfits are outdated and worst suggesting that they should hire new stylist

What did the fashion designers think?

The term “style” is, of course, entirely subjective.

What one person finds ugly, another might really like. Some K-Pop fans, on the other hand, have agreed that some of the outfits idols have worn on stage was not the most flattering or fit well with the rest of the group.

When people talk about stage outfits, IVE is one of the most talked-about things.

On November 24, a post on Pann began trending with the title,”What did the fashion designers think?WHAT CAUSED IVE’S STYLE TO CHANGE SO QUICKLY? I think it’s out of date now.”

The netizen then compared IVE’s stage outfits in their debut vs now



Other netizens seems to agree to what the netizen posted and said:

But it could also be because the idea behind their song is different. I think that when they were in Eleven, they both had good and bad style, but when they came back, they only had bad style.

The quality really did go f*cking down.

It’d be better to write in enter-talk instead to avoid attracting trolls.

Wearing clothes that scream “this is our identity color!!!!” like these kids are doing is pathetic. In spite of the fact that I occasionally find them to be stylish, I can’t help but feel that they are a bit too flashy, making them look outdated. Leeseo and Rei have short waists, so I feel like they don’t dress them with their body shape in mind. There were many comments at the time claiming that the coordi was harsh, but that it was okay because the kids were able to hide it behind their expressions. A lot is on my mind, but I won’t say it. In any case, their Love Dive attire was the most attractive of all the member’s looks.

But I don’t like any of these outfits… The second photo absolutely floored me. It made me think of the cyber-art that was popular in the 1990s…

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