Anonymous Twitter users alleges that ATEEZ’s Yunho dating a non-celebrity girlfriend

ATEEZ‘s Yunho has been the subject of online rumors that he is dating.

On October 31, rumors spread on Twitter and other online communities that ATEEZ’s Yunho has a girlfriend who is not a celebrity.

Anonymous users from twitter said that they saw Yunho walking with his alleged girlfriend and that they were wearing matching rings, hats, and phone cases.

Other claims include that the alleged girlfriend runs a flower shop with pictures of Yunho, that she wrote on her blog that Yunho gave her over-the-counter medicine when she was sick, and more.

Further, they said they saw the alleged girlfriend at ATEEZ‘s concert on October 30.

Many fans also commented:

He’s been pretty obvious. I have pictures of Yunho at the flower shop company that his girlfriend A runs, as well as their couple rings, couple hats, and couple cases

I saw A at a concert at Seoul’s Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium on October 30th.

I have also seen her perform at other concerts.

On A’s blog, it says that when she was sick, Yunho gave her medicine.

A is getting rid of her blog posts because of the controversy.

In response to the suspicions, other Netizens also are reacting in different ways, saying:

It was too clear…

If it’s true, I would be very surprised.

Isn’t this the same as lying to fans?

I’ll stay still until the agency says what its position is.

What are your thoughts?



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