Netizens thumbs down comments saying IU looks older now and shows signs of aging

IU has become a hot topic because of her looks allegedly showing signs of aging.

On October 28, a post about IU began trending on Nate‘s community board under the title, “IU has been showing her age now“.

The netizen who wrote the post stated, “I think it is because she’s in her 30s now, and she’s showing her real age…“.

The netizen added, “She looked like a high school girl without makeup when she was in ‘Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast‘. But she no longer looks like a girl or a little sister“.

Recently, In the latest episode of IU TV, a segment on the singer’s YouTube channel where she shares vlogs about her life, she talked about the backstage of her recent solo concert.

On this day, she told her fans about the plans for her “The Golden Hour” concert in 2022. In the video, she showed rehearsals and fittings for the outfits.

IU was seen in a lot of emergency situations, like a sudden rainstorm during a rehearsal, that showed what goes on during the preparations.

Fans were able to cherish IU‘s concert more after the video came out because they could see how much work went into it.

Even though bad weather made it hard for IU to practice, the singer didn’t lose her good mood and stayed optimistic. Throughout the video, IU‘s face was seen without any makeup, just as it was.

In this online post, fans came to IU‘s defense and said that she doesn’t look old at all. This started a heated discussion.

Netizens commented:

No, IU is in her 30s, but she still looks pretty young. Who the hell do you think you are?

She’s f***ing 30, so of course she certainly didn’t look like a girl anymore, isn’t really that obvious? It’s not like IU isn’t talented and lives off of her girly image, but this person is putting her down with a fact like this. you should take care of your own life.

She does not really look old at all from the pictures that were posted here. She just looks so tired from practicing outside so much. She’s so pretty, so why are people saying she looks old?

Why are you comparing her face now to how it looked when she was on “Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast” five years ago? Instead, you should try comparing your own face now to how it looked five years ago.

What is this person is talking about? She still appears to look like she is in her early 20s.

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