Lee Jung Jae Will Return In ‘Squid Game Season 2’ As A Frontman

Lee Jung Jae of ‘Squid Game’ returns as a frontman.

Netflix announced on June 13th that it had officially confirmed the production of season 2 of ‘Squid Game‘.

Netflix also released a message written by director Hwang Dong Hyuk. Director Hwang wrote in the message, “The frontman Gi Hun is back.” “The man in a suit with a ticket may come back, and he will also be able to meet Young Hee’s boyfriend, Cheol Su.”

He continued, “I will see you again with a newer game and an amazing story.”

‘Frontman’ is the game host of the game played by actor Lee Byung Hun in season 1. It is significant that Gi Hun (Lee Jung Jae), the final winner of the season 1 game, becomes the frontman.

Actor Gong Yoo plays Gong Yoo as an unknown person who recommends participation in the ‘Squid Game‘ to citizens in a swamp of despair. Young Hee is a giant sculpture that is a symbol of the ‘squid game’.

Director Hwang expressed his gratitude to the viewers, saying, “It took 12 years for season 1 to be released to the world, but it took only 12 days for ‘Squid Game’ to become the most popular Netflix series in history.”



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