Fans Fell Inlove With Jo In Sung’s Perfect Visuals During His Vacation In Paris

Actor Jo In Sung revealed his recent status.

On June 11th, Jo In Sung posted a picture on his Instagram with the caption, “Are you spending your weekend evening well?”

In the published photo, Jo In Sung is posing in front of a bridge in Paris. Jo In Sung, a casual chime, tied his jacket around his waist. Above all, his small face and long legs drew attention.

Fans showed reactions such as “Really, this oppa is always in perfect proportion”, “Real daily life is a picture perfect”, and “I’m bored when the boss ends.”

Meanwhile, Jo In Sung was active in tvN’s ‘Unexpected Business 2‘, which ended on May 19th of last month. Disney+ original series ‘Moving‘ is selected as his next work.



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