Son Seok Koo Promises to Sing A Full Song If “The Outlaws 2” Surpasses 10 Million Views

Son Seok Koo, the actor, thanked the unquenchable craze for the film “The Outlaws 2” in a funny way.

Son Seok Koo showed his heartbreak on June 4th by posting on his Instagram account, “I adore all the 8 million viewers that were kidnapped.”

The movie “The Outlaws 2” had topped 8 million viewers as of 9 p.m. on the 18th day of its release, and it was a straight thank you.

Son Seok Koo gained notice as well by releasing a short movie titled “The Outlaws 2, the villains’ friends.

The video depicts a group of villains, including Cha Woo Jin as Choi Yong Gi, a victim of a pivotal incident in “The Outlaws 2.”

Cha Woo Jin, in particular, drew attention because he was the younger brother of Jeong Hwa, who was in a public relationship with Ma Dong Seok.

They introduced their characters in the performance and stated that they enjoyed “The Outlaws 2.”

Netizens who spotted Son Seok Koo‘s post expressed delight, writing, “You can even say thank you very nicely” and “If you are Son Seok Koo’s brother, you can be kidnapped at any time“.

Meanwhile, on SBS Power FM‘s “Two O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show,” which aired on the 2nd, Son Seok Koo promised to surpass 10 million viewers.

When the audience hits 10 million, I will return to the ‘Cultwo Show’ and perform, and at that time, I will sing Harim’s ‘Departure’ to the finish,” Son Seok Koo said.



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