Henry Makes His First Public Appearance In Korea Since His Controversy

Singer Henry revealed his candid feelings about the pro-Chinese controversy.

On June 3rd, a new entertainment program JTBC ‘Fly to the Dance’ production presentation was held in Seongsu-dong, Seoul.

On this day, Henry made his first public appearance in Korea after the pro-Chinese controversy.

Henry opened his mouth cautiously, saying, “For various reasons, it was not easy to make a decision to appear on the show, and I was worried that it might cause harm.”

Henry confessed that the past few months have been the most difficult time of his life due to pro-Chinese controversies. He said, “When I heard all the swear words and bad words that came to me and I couldn’t say anything here, I was upset, but I was able to bear it ” he pleaded.

Henry said, “I think it’s a blessing to be born in this world. Through music and stage, I want to deliver good energy to as many people as possible regardless of gender or nationality. I can’t stop. I always do my best.”

Producer Song Gwang-jong said, “I did the casting before there was any controversy. I really needed someone in charge of the music.” Producer Song Gwang-jong told Henry that at the time he said, “We just have to do what we have to do.”

Born to a Hong Kong father and a Taiwanese mother, Henry, a Canadian national, posted a video on Weibo last year of wearing a mask designed to evoke the Chinese flag, five-star and red flag, and playing the song ‘I love you China’ (我愛你中國). He was criticized by Koreans for his pro-China actions.

In addition, Henry did not dispute the Chinese online video platform Youku’s dance audition program ‘Jeochishigamu 4’, when he saw Chinese who called performances using traditional Korean culture Korean traditional dances.

Later, when Henry was appointed as a public relations ambassador for school violence prevention at the Mapo Police Station in Seoul, the backlash became even more intense, and the Mapo Police Station bulletin board was overflowing with articles requesting the withdrawal of Henry’s appointment.

Henry expressed his apologies through his Instagram account.

However, people pointed out, “Henry, who was usually fluent in Korean, spoke poor Korean through an apology letter. It is an apology without sincerity.

In response, Henry’s agency explained, “We apologize for causing confusion due to inaccurate notation and unrefined expression.

While attention is being paid to whether Henry will be able to overcome the pro-Chinese controversy, ‘Fly to the Dance’ will be broadcast for the first time at 10:50 pm on the 3rd.


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