Kim Tae Ri Drops Surprise Teaser For Her First Upcoming Self-Produced “Vlog” And Fans Are Already In Love

Actress Kim Tae Ri shared her real everyday life with her fans, as well as her easygoing charms.

Kim Tae Ri teased the first “Vlog” video teaser on Instagram on May 6th.

A short 46-second clip depicting Kim Tae Ri‘s diverse daily life has been integrated into the video.

Kim Tae Ri turned on the camera as soon as she awake.

She smiled at the camera, bare-faced and makeup-free, and flaunted her naked beauty by showing her messy hair.

Kim Tae Ri, who was driving alone and traveling somewhere, appeared regularly and drew the eye.

Kim Tae Ri blew the recorder while driving, radiating a particular charm, and on another time she even cried while driving, piqued fans’ interest.

Aside from the “beagle beauty“, who throws stones at the water’s edge and plays around, the shadow that appears to have gone out alone caught fans attention.

Fans’ expectations were raised by Kim Tae Ri‘s use of subtitles, which revealed that she did everything of the video’s planning, production, directing, and filming herself.

The focus is on what kinds of various charms Kim Tae Ri, who normally makes people smile with the charm of “4D,” will reveal in daily life through “Vlog“.



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