BLACKPINK Lisa and Actress Han So Hee Wore The Same Clothes But Served Completely Different Vibes

BLACKPINK Lisa and Actress Han So Hee wore the same clothes and showed different styling is gaining attention.

Lisa boasted a bold bra top fashion in a post on her Instagram on November 13th. Lisa completed a hip look that emphasizes the body line by matching a cropped cardigan with a pink bra top made of a unique material that has a three-dimensional effect. The extraordinary volume and a handful of waist definitely grab the attention.

Lisa also showed off her sexy charm with slim black leather pants and glitter high heels. In addition, various items such as nails matched with hair color and pearl necklaces were matched to decorate the colorful and edgy points.

Han So-hee posted a picture of herself wearing the same clothes as Lisa at the photo shoot site on her Instagram in August. Unlike Lisa, who directed her sexy, she created a lively atmosphere, and the contrasting charms are felt.

In particular, the orange-colored fluffy hair style and freckle makeup go well with Han So-hee’s playful appearance. On this day, Sohee Han completed a lovely pink styling by matching a crop top and a long skirt of the same design.

Meanwhile, Lisa released her first single album ‘LALISA’ in September, and Han So-hee appeared in the JTBC drama ‘I Know’, which ended in August.



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