Lee Jong Suk to make a special appearance in upcoming film “The Plot” alongside his role model Kang Dong Won!

Exciting news for movie buffs and K-drama fans! Lee Jong Suk is set to make a special cameo in the highly anticipated film ‘The Plot‘.

On May 23, reports broke out revealing Lee Jong Suk’s special appearance in ‘The Plot‘. During a press conference held the same day, director Lee Yo Seob confirmed the cameo, sparking even more excitement among fans.

The film stars none other than Kang Dong Won, who Lee Jong Suk has previously mentioned as his role model.

Fans are already buzzing with anticipation for the dynamic between these two talented actors on screen.

‘The Plot’ centers around the character Young Il, a designer who cleverly disguises contract killings as accidental deaths, until he finds himself entangled in an unexpected incident.

Kang Dong Won takes on the intense role of Young Il, promising a thrilling ride for viewers.

Mark your calendars, because ‘The Plot’ is set to hit theaters on May 29 KST. Don’t miss out on this thrilling collaboration!



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