BTS Jimin’s Rumored Girlfriend Song Da Eun Allegedly Dated Seungri? Here’s What She Said!

BTS‘s Jimin and actress Song Da Eun have been at the center of some hot dating rumors, but now there’s another twist! Did Song Da Eun really date former BIGBANG member Seungri?

On May 23, Song Da Eun, famous for her stint on the dating reality show ‘Heart Signal,’ took to a live stream to address the swirling gossip.

When a bold netizen asked if she was ever Seungri‘s girlfriend, she replied with a firm, “Nope. I’m not his ex-girlfriend.”

These rumors didn’t come out of nowhere. Back in 2019, Song Da Eun‘s name was dragged into Seungri‘s notorious ‘Burning Sun’ scandal. Her reps quickly cleared the air back then, stating, Song and Seungri were close since their school days, but the rumors have been blown out of proportion, which is really upsetting for them.”

They also revealed that Song Da Eun worked part-time at Seungri’s other nightclub, Monkey Museum, for about a month in 2016. “He probably asked her for help because they were friends. Later, he just invited her to the first anniversary event for Monkey Museum,” her reps added.

Meanwhile, Jimin and Song Da Eun‘s dating rumors have been heating up after fans speculated that she dropped some hints about their relationship on social media.

As of now, BTS‘s label HYBE has remained silent on these rumors.

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