“It’s fine with me” — Lee Yi Kyung says he doesn’t mind if his girlfriend ‘stays out late with a male friend’

Actor Lee Yi Kyung opened up about his relaxed approach to relationships on the May 21 episode of the YouTube show ‘Salon Drip 2‘, hosted by comedian Jang Do Yeon.

Reflecting on his past, Lee Yi Kyung shared, “Experiences with romantic relationships in my 20s made me who I am today. I was passionate and often jealous, even fighting with my ex on the street.”

Jang Do Yeon asked how he has changed over the years. Lee Yi Kyung explained, “I’ve learned that if someone wants to leave, they’ll do it no matter what. So, I don’t try too hard to hold on in those situations.”

The conversation then turned to a tricky topic: what if his girlfriend stayed out overnight with male friends? Lee Yi Kyung‘s answer surprised many. “I’d be fine with that,” he said. “If she’s going to leave me, she’ll leave for any reason.”

Even when asked if he’d be okay with his girlfriend staying out alone with a guy friend, Lee Yi Kyung remained unfazed. “I’d think they are close friends or have a long history. And if she has a valid reason, it’s fine with me.”

Jang Do Yeon pushed further, asking if he’d be okay with his girlfriend going on a trip with a guy friend because he’s busy with filming.

Lee Yi Kyung‘s response? “If that’s really the reason, I’ll even give her my credit card for the trip,” he said, surprising the host.

Lee Yi Kyung‘s open and trusting attitude towards relationships has certainly got people talking!



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