Actor Song Seung Hun quits smoking instantly after his ex says, “Oppa, Your breath smells like poop”

Actor Song Seung Hun shared the surprising reason he quit smoking, and it’s all thanks to a comment from his ex-girlfriend!

On the May 20 episode of the YouTube show ‘Zzanbro’, Song Seung Hun appeared alongside comedian Kim Young Chul.

The conversation turned interesting when Song Seung Hun asked, “Can you smoke on YouTube shows?” This question led to some hilarious and eye-opening stories.

He reminisced about the past, saying, “When I did a sitcom with Shin Dong Yup, he used to smoke on set. They even showed it on TV back then, until the late ’90s.”

Shin Dong Yup responded, “I saw an old video of me smoking on TV, and it felt so weird. It’s just too strange now.”

Then, Song Seung Hun got serious and revealed why he decided to quit smoking. “In school, I loved sports, especially running and soccer. But one day, I joined a soccer club and got out of breath in just five minutes. It hit me that my health was going downhill.”

But the real kicker came from his ex-girlfriend. “She told me, ‘Oppa, You should quit smoking.’ When I asked why, she bluntly said, ‘Your breath smells like poop.'”

With a laugh, Song Seung Hun admitted, “I quit smoking that very day. Seriously.”

The show got even funnier when another host, comedian Jung Ho Chul, asked about a story Shin Dong Yup once shared.

Shin Dong Yup had offered to light Song Seung Hun‘s cigarette back in the day. Trying to be polite, Song Seung Hun bent forward awkwardly, unsure of how to react to such a gesture from a senior actor.

Shin Dong Yup reenacted the moment, causing everyone to burst into laughter. Song Seung Hun confirmed the story, explaining that as a rookie, he was just trying to be respectful.

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