Suzy and Park Bo Gum to Mesmerize Audiences in “Wonderland” Movie

Prepare for visual enchantment as the highly-anticipated film ‘Wonderland‘, directed by Kim Tae Yong, gears up to hit theaters on June 5.

This captivating tale explores the power of reconnecting with lost loved ones through ‘Wonderland‘, a groundbreaking video call service driven by artificial intelligence.

Bringing together the beloved stars Suzy and Park Bo Gum, whose friendship blossomed from their joint hosting duties at the 54th Baeksang Arts Awards in 2018, ‘Wonderland‘ promises a mesmerizing on-screen collaboration.

The duo, known for their undeniable chemistry and captivating synergy as hosts, have shared the stage six times, with Park Bo Gum‘s military service hiatus in 2021 being the only exception.

In ‘Wonderland‘, Suzy portrays ‘Jeong In’, a woman who finds solace in reuniting with her comatose partner through the innovative ‘Wonderland‘ service.

Meanwhile, Park Bo Gum takes on the role of ‘Tae Ju’, a man thrust into a bewildering new reality after a miraculous revival. Praising each other’s performances, Suzy lauded Park Bo Gum‘s meticulous approach to his dual characters, while Park Bo Gum expressed admiration for Suzy‘s seamless portrayal of Jeong In.

Fresh from their recent hosting reunion at the Baeksang Arts Awards, Suzy and Park Bo Gum are excited to present their on-screen chemistry to audiences in ‘Wonderland‘.

With their proven charm and talent, anticipation is high for this cinematic spectacle set to grace the big screen soon.



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