NewJeans Fans Stage Protest Trucks at HYBE Headquarters

NewJeans fans, affectionately known as Bunnies, have made a bold statement by dispatching protest trucks to the headquarters of HYBE, the parent company of NewJeans’ management agency, ADOR.

On May 8, social media erupted with news of the arrival of protest trucks at HYBE, garnering significant attention online.

Photos of multiple trucks parked outside HYBE‘s premises circulated widely, illustrating the determination of NewJeans fans to voice their support for the group and their loyalty to ADOR.

The message conveyed by the fans was crystal clear: their allegiance lies with NewJeans and ADOR, not HYBE.

This demonstration follows previous controversies where fans expressed skepticism over trucks purportedly endorsing HYBE, suspecting the involvement of the company itself in orchestrating those displays of support.

The protest trucks serve as a visible manifestation of the unwavering dedication of NewJeans‘ fandom, highlighting their commitment to standing by the group and their chosen management agency amidst ongoing discussions and developments within the K-pop industry.



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