“Such a cutie!” — Han So Hee Captures Hearts as She Meditates in Latest Social Media Post

Han So Hee treated fans to an update via social media recently.

On April 18, she took to Instagram, sharing a series of photos with the caption, “To @fila_korea @fila_global, who made us run together with you and me and us.”

As Fila‘s ambassador, Han So Hee‘s posts appeared to be from a promotional shoot, showcasing her captivating beauty and on-point style that fans have come to love.

Among the photos, one stood out where she playfully meditated on the subway floor, evoking a carefree vibe. Another depicted her mingling with fans, radiating warmth and appreciation.

One particular snapshot, seemingly taken a few years ago during the summertime, featured Han So Hee with a relaxed smile, capturing attention for its nostalgic charm.

Fans were undoubtedly delighted by this peek into Han So Hee‘s world, eagerly anticipating more updates from their favorite star.

After seeing her photos, fans commented, “Her visuals are so crazy,” “Han So Hee brings spring,” “Is she meditating? lol,” “I always support you,” and “I love you today too So Hee.”

Meanwhile, Han So Hee recently got embroiled in a series of controversies after she was reported to be dating actor Ryu Jun Yeol



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