NCT’s Renjun takes a break due to anxiety, firm on legal action against online trolls

NCT DREAM‘s very own Renjun is taking a break from his professional commitments.

SM Entertainment, on April 20th, made a public announcement stating, “Renjun has been feeling unwell recently and showed signs of anxiety. After a medical check-up, the doctors advised that he needs ample rest and relaxation.”

Renjun will be stepping back from his scheduled activities starting from the autograph session on April 20th. His main focus will now be on his treatment and recovery. Consequently, he is not expected to perform at the solo concert in May.

SM Entertainment issued a stern warning, “We are constantly monitoring and taking legal action against harmful online posts targeting our artists, including Renjun. These posts include malicious slander, sexual harassment, spreading of false information, and defamation.”

They further added, “We intend to hold those responsible accountable, without any leniency or settlement.”

Renjun recently opened up about the hurtful messages he received on the paid fan communication platform, Dear U Bubble. He expressed, “Idols are humans too. I feel the pain.”



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