tvN unveils stunning ‘Queen of Tears’ wedding and family photos of Kwak Dong Yeon and Lee Joo Bin

The adorable family snaps of Kwak Dong Yeon and Lee Joo Bin from ‘Queen of Tears‘ are now out for fans to see.

On April 19th, a bunch of photos popped up on the official social media of the tvN drama. The caption read, “These two were totally smitten. Celebrating the emotional reunion of Soo Cheol and Da Hye! Here’s a family photo filled with love from Geon Woo’s home.”

The shared photos show Kwak Dong Yeon and Lee Joo Bin, who are totally in sync as a couple in ‘Queen of Tears‘. They look just like a real family with the baby who plays their son Geon Woo in the show.

In the wedding photos that followed, Lee Joo Bin sparked excitement by casually leaning on Kwak Dong Yeon‘s shoulder.

Fans reacted with comments like “Soo Cheol needs to look after Da Hye and Geon Woo”, “Geon Woo really takes after Soo Cheol”, “Geon Woo is so adorable”, “The Hong’s house subtly feels like a love nest.”

The tvN weekend drama ‘Queen of Tears‘, featuring Kwak Dong Yeon and Lee Joo Bin, tells the story of Hong Hae In, the queen of department stores and the third generation of the Queens Group conglomerate, and Baek Hyun Woo, the son of the head of the Yongduri market and the prince of the supermarket. They start a miraculous love journey after facing a whirlwind crisis in their third year of marriage.

In the show, Kwak Dong Yeon portrays Hong Soo Cheol, the younger brother of Hong Hae In (played by Kim Ji Won), who is the executive director of the Queens Group and the head of Queens Mart. Lee Joo Bin is giving a passionate performance as Cheon Da Hye, the wife of Hong Soo Cheol.



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