Lee Jae Wook serves a mysterious look in photoshoot with ‘Singles’ magazine

Actor Lee Jae Wook is back in the limelight, this time with a photoshoot that’s brimming with allure.

On April 16th, Lee Jae Wook shared a glimpse of his latest photoshoot with ‘Singles‘ magazine on his channel. The photoshoot features Lee Jae Wook captivating the audience with his intense gaze, amplified by blue contact lenses.

He added an element of mystery to his look with makeup that highlighted the corners of his eyes in red and used freckles as a unique touch. In one of the photos, he strikes a sensual pose against a backdrop of lilies and cherry blossoms.

In other news, Lee Jae Wook has been gaining popularity for his role as Han Tae Ho, a minor leaguer who ascends to the top of Korea’s chaebol hierarchy, in Disney+‘s ‘The Impossible Heir’.

His acting prowess and box office appeal have been recognized through his involvement in various projects such as the tvNAlchemy of Souls ‘ series and TVingDeath’s Game’, which concluded earlier this year.

Lee Jae Wook, who made headlines when his romantic relationship with aespa’s Karina came to light last February, ended their relationship earlier this month after five weeks of dating, which had garnered significant attention both domestically and internationally.



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