‘Squid Game’ actress Jeong Ho Yeon talks on how she and Lee Dong Hwi keep their relationship strong

Squid Game‘ actress Jeong Ho Yeon confidently stated that she holds ‘more power‘ in her relationship with actor Lee Dong Hwi, which has been going strong for 9 years.

Jeong made an appearance on the 42nd episode of ‘Teaching us a lesson is just an excuse‘, a YouTube channel DdeunDdeun, which aired on April 13th.

During the show, Jeong shared a story about how she got an autograph from the legendary soccer player David Beckham for her boyfriend Lee Dong Hwi, a die-hard soccer enthusiast.

“Beckham was in Korea for an event and he greeted me. I knew he was a big deal, so I watched a documentary to understand his story better, and I was really impressed,” Jeong shared. “But Dong Hwi is such a fan, he asked me, ‘Ho Yeon, could you get his autograph for me?'”

She went on to say, “I nervously asked Beckham, ‘Could you give an autograph for my boyfriend who is a huge fan?’ and he kindly offered to record a video message.”

“Dong Hwi was so proud to show it off to his friends. He gave me a gift of clothing the next day and kept apologizing to me for a while. I feel like I have more power now,” she added, sparking laughter.

In a different segment, when Jeong asked Yoo Jae Suk, “Are you not dating much these days?” Yoo replied, “It might sound like an excuse, but it’s challenging to find time for dates while taking care of children.”

In response, Jeong shared her secret to a long-lasting relationship, stating, “The longer the relationship, the more important it is to make time for dates.”

When Yoo asked, “Where did you learn that?” Jeong replied, “I picked it up here and there. I’ve gained a lot of general knowledge from watching various content on YouTube,” causing more laughter.

Jo Se Ho chimed in, “Even if it feels forced, it’s important to say ‘I love you’ often,” to which Jeong agreed, “That’s true, that’s a good point.”

Listening to their conversation, Yoo commented, “You two should consider getting married,” and added, “Expressions of love are important, but it’s better to sprinkle them throughout the day rather than scheduling them.”



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