Lee Hyori’s take on representing a brand: “Given my pay as a model, I feel the need to boost their sales”

Lee Hyori recently shared her thoughts and sense of duty when it comes to starring in commercial ads.

On April 11th, a video was posted on the official channel of Company P, where Lee Hyori is currently a brand ambassador. The video, titled “Lee Hyori Reacts to Campaign Comments”, gave fans a glimpse into her mindset.

After announcing her return to the commercial ad scene, Lee Hyori has been making waves as the first celebrity endorser for the renowned food company, P.

She revealed, “I was surprised to learn that P Company hadn’t used celebrity endorsements until I came on board. Given their reputation and size, I assumed they would have. Being the first feels significant, like being inducted into a hall of fame.”

She went on to say, “I feel like I should help the product sell well, considering the compensation I receive. I didn’t think much about this in the past, but nowadays, when I do an ad, I hope it does well. So, when someone enjoys a product from P Company, it makes me happy. I hope you all show us lots of love,” expressing her commitment as a model.

Responding to compliments that Company P hit the jackpot by signing her on, she playfully said, “I appreciate the ‘jackpot’ comment, but working with me means there’s a lot to consider, which means more work. But the payoff is great ads and increased sales, so please show lots of support for the marketing team!”



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