It’s Official! ‘Hospital Playlist’ Season 3 is Happening, Says Shin Won Ho PD and Jo Jung Suk

Shin Won Ho PD, the mastermind behind ‘Hospital Playlist‘, has spilled the beans about the much-anticipated Season 3.

A video popped up on the YouTube channel ‘channel fullmoon‘ on April 12th. The video, titled ‘Isn’t It So Nice to be Back with Class of 1999? | 👅Chattering with Nah’, featured the beloved cast of ‘Hospital Playlist‘ – Jo Jung Suk, Jung Kyung Ho, Yoo Yeon Seok, Kim Dae Myung, and Jeon Mi Do.

In the video, Jung Kyung Ho put Shin Won Ho PD on the spot, asking him point-blank about the production of ‘Hospital Playlist‘ Season 3.

Shin Won Ho PD responded with a smile and a silence, leading Jung Kyung Ho to ask, “So, you’re not doing it?” Yoo Yeon Seok chimed in, saying, “Our original plan was ‘Hospital Playlist'”. To everyone’s surprise, Shin Won Ho PD declared, “I’ll do it. Someday, I’ll do it.”

Jo Jung Suk shared his thoughts, saying, “We’re considering doing Season 3 someday. Even as we age, I believe there will be a certain charm to it. Personally, I’m curious to see how our characters age. I wonder what the audience thinks.”

Shin Won Ho PD expressed his gratitude, saying, “I’m just thankful that these talented actors and our fans are so supportive. It’s not easy to find actors who are so dedicated.”

He continued, “I had a chat with writer Lee Woo Jung. We have this IP that we’ve cherished, and we don’t want to just rehash it. We’ve had such a good time that we feel it’s a shame to let it just pass by. You guys keep bringing it up, and if you say let’s do it, I think I will. If your schedules allow it someday, and if all of you are in, I’ll do it. Even if the ratings don’t hit the roof, I think I’ll be happy.”

Jo Jung Suk also revealed his deep affection for the show, saying, “At some point, ‘Hospital Life’ found a special place in my heart. We shared breaths, tears, and laughter. It was real, even though it was a drama. It was a unique feeling that I had never experienced before. I missed it a lot and wanted to see it again.”

Na Young Seok PD, who was quietly listening, said, “Then I need to prepare my heart a little,” causing a stir. It turns out that Na Young Seok PD had a cameo in ‘Hospital Playlist‘ and had a scene with Jo Jung Suk.

He teased Jo Jung Suk, saying, “You didn’t fully accept my acting.” Jo Jung Suk made everyone laugh by replying, “I think it would be okay if you just don’t do makeup.”

Meanwhile, the recent status of Woo Joo (played by Kim Jun), who appeared as Lee Ik Jun (played by Jo Jung Suk)’s son in ‘Hospital Playlist‘, was also revealed. Jo Jung Suk said, “Woo Joo has grown up.

That much time,” and Shin Won Ho PD surprised everyone by saying, “Woo Joo has a phone. He contacts me. Woo Joo sends me (a message) with a very adult wording.”

At this, Jo Jung Suk laughed, saying, “That’s my son,” and Yoo Yeon Seok added, “He might be able to speak better than his brother (Jung Kyung Ho) soon,” causing a burst of laughter.



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