YouTuber reporter Lee Jin Ho says Song Ha Yoon’s missed chances to apologize may lead her to downfall


The storm surrounding actress Song Ha Yoon and alleged involvement in school violence shows no signs of calming down.

On April 9th, a video was uploaded on the YouTube channel ‘Entertainment Back Tongue Lee Jin Ho‘, titled ‘Why did Song Ha Yoon miss the opportunity? The reason why the additional informant took courage‘.

Last month, JTBC‘s ‘Crime Chief ‘ brought to light allegations of school violence involving Song Ha Yoon. While Song Ha Yoon‘s camp confirmed the forced transfer from school, they denied any involvement in school violence. On April 8th, ‘Chief Crime‘ aired an interview with a victim of group assault.

The victim, referred to as Person A, stated, “Person A was left with more than 4 weeks of total disability from this incident. Two friends who were originally close to Person A apologized at Person A’s house, but Song Ha Yoon did not.”

Person A claimed that Person A was targeted for group assault due to Song Ha Yoon‘s instigation, and added that Song Ha Yoon herself was part of the assault.

The initial informant, referred to as Person B, also stressed in the broadcast that the allegations from Person B were not baseless.

Lee Jin Ho pointed out that the interviews of Person B and Person A contradicted the agency’s explanation, which led Person A to make additional reports.

Lee Jin Ho explained that if Song Ha Yoon had shown courage, Person B had given Song Ha Yoon and her agency about a month’s time and opportunity, and this controversy could have been avoided.

Person B wanted a sincere apology and an explanation for the assault, but Song Ha Yoon‘s agency did not comply.

According to Lee Jin Ho, Person B interpreted the agency’s decision to come to the United States, where Person B resides, not to apologize but to nitpick, and decided to expose the issue.

Furthermore, Person B pointed out that the agency did not communicate Person B‘s discussions with them to Song Ha Yoon.

Lee Jin Ho expressed confusion as to why the agency would decide to go to the United States even though it was a matter that was not discussed with Song Ha Yoon.

Person B conveyed to Lee Jin Ho that if Song Ha Yoon‘s side had apologized, Person B had no intention of making this issue public. The agency’s response only served to exacerbate the problem.

Lee Jin Ho claimed that even when Song Ha Yoon was active as ‘Kim Star‘, there were allegations, but there were no additional informants, and the agency denied it, causing the issue to be swept under the rug.

Lee Jin Ho mentioned that Kim Star‘s low recognition at the time also contributed to the burying of the allegations.

It seems that if Song Ha Yoon had acknowledged her past and shown remorse, she could have continued the peak of her career she experienced with ‘Marry My Husband‘. In the end, it appears she is facing the consequences of her own actions.



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