4 Korean Celebrities Who Shift Their Views on Staying Single and Embrace the Idea of Marriage

In today’s world, marriage is seen as a choice rather than a necessity. Many celebrities have spoken out about their decision to remain single.

However, as time passes, some stars are boldly admitting to changing their perspectives on marriage and gaining public support for their honesty.

Shin Se Kyung

Actor Shin Se Kyung, who once declared her intention to stay single until she traveled the world, recently retracted that statement on the YouTube show ‘Dex’s Fridge Interview.’

She expressed surprise at her past words, admitting, “I must have been young when I said that. I didn’t even know I had made such a statement.”

Shin Se Kyung also shared her preference for someone who exercises, revealing a shift in her thoughts about remaining single.

Gong Hyo Jin

Gong Hyo Jin, known for her single-minded stance, appeared on ‘You Quiz on the Block‘ and expressed affection for her husband, Kevin Oh.

She confessed that seeing friends who were married and raising children made her reconsider her views on being single.

Gong Hyo Jin shared her realization that she wouldn’t be the only one left single and highlighted the qualities that made her husband stand out.

Sandara Park

Singer Sandara Park, who once declared a single-minded stance on marriage, discussed a change of heart on ‘Radio Star.

She emphasized that her decision depends on the partner and clarified her statement, saying, “I declared single-mindedness with the meaning that I won’t be obsessed with marriage.”

Sandara Park acknowledged the possibility of changing preferences and opened up about being more flexible.


Former Single’s Inferno contestant Dex, who was once single-minded, recently shared that approaching his late twenties made him reconsider marriage for the right person.

Dex stated, “I will get married. I haven’t met anyone yet, but I’m making an effort.”

He addressed witness accounts of his efforts to find a partner but also hinted at challenges due to his personality.

In conclusion, these celebrities are breaking away from their previous declarations of staying single, showcasing that people’s perspectives on marriage can evolve over time.

Their openness about these changes is resonating with the public, highlighting the shifting dynamics surrounding the concept of marriage in today’s society.



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