“Leave our King alone now” — G-Dragon shows confidence with Instagram post amid drug allegation sparks netizens support

K-pop superstar G-Dragon recently faced police questioning in response to drug allegations. The singer, who willingly cooperated with the authorities, strongly asserted his innocence and called for a fair investigation.

On November 6th, G-Dragon shared a Chinese proverb on his Instagram: ‘事必歸正,’ which means ‘everything eventually gets back on track.’

He explained, “In the end, things will work out right. Even if things seem unclear at first and wrong actions might temporarily succeed, they won’t last, and everything will come right.”

This post came after spending approximately 4 hours answering police questions and appeared to emphasize his innocence.

G-Dragon showed up at the Incheon Police Narcotics Investigation Unit, just two weeks after being accused of drug use. When asked about the allegations, he confidently stated, “I didn’t do any drug-related crimes. I’m here to clear my name quickly.” His demeanor reflected his determination.

After the police questioning, he revealed that the preliminary drug test came back ‘negative‘ and said, “I fully cooperated, providing all necessary information and samples, including hair. I hope the investigating agency will make an official statement soon if the results are correct.”

When asked if the police presented any evidence, he replied, “No, there wasn’t any,” and added, “I don’t think the investigation was unfair. I understand that the police are just doing their job based on someone’s statement.”

In a light-hearted manner, he mentioned that the investigation concluded with laughter. The police plan to request a more precise examination of urine and hair samples by the National Forensic Service to confirm G-Dragon‘s drug use status.

Netizens had various reactions:

“That smile… In fact, it is his greatest assurance to us. I feel comfortable about this. I trust him. And I’m sure we’ll leave here on good terms. Everyone, continue to stay with him. G-DRAGON will not disappoint us. G-DRAGON FIGHTING 💛👑”

“I’m happy for him and I’m happy because he looks healthy now aka he gained some weight.”

“VIPs stand with The King of Kpop.”

“Our king 👻”

“Leave our King alone now.”

“Face of a person with nothing to hide!”

“Stay strong G-Dragon.”

“If he was wrongly accused, then good for him to clear his name.”

“GD will surely sue those media outlets who shared false accusations, especially the ones who started this sh/t 😎. Don’t mess with him.”

“That’s my Boy 👌👑🔥”

“Ain’t G-Dragon for nothin’ 💅”

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