Former LOONA Chuu sheds tears as she mentions the dispute with former agency

Chuu, a member of the popular girl group LOONA, emotionally addressed her past conflicts with her former agency during a media showcase for her inaugural mini-album, ‘HOWL.’

The event took place in the afternoon of October18th at Yes24 Live Hall, situated on Gucheonmyeon-ro in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul.

Chuu seized the moment to perform the title track, ‘HOWL,’ along with ‘Underwater,’ while also engaging with reporters to share insights into the creation of her latest musical endeavor.

Expressing her feelings about the past discord with her former agency, Chuu revealed, “It became an issue as an unwanted topic, and I felt sorry and sad. It was more difficult for the fans than for me, and I apologize to them. That was the most heartbreaking part,” tears visibly streaming down her face.

In a poignant continuation, Chuu, with a choked voice, emphasized, “I have never acted unfairly towards the fans, so I prepared the album with their trust and confidence. That’s why it’s even more meaningful.”

The ‘HOWL’ album narrates the journey of two individuals with wounds, evolving into small heroes for each other within their intimate world, fostering healing.

Through this musical offering, Chuu aims to communicate a heightened sense of self and share her distinctive musical identity with her dedicated fanbase.

The title track, ‘HOWL,’ introduces a unique and distinctive atmosphere, resembling the vastness of the universe.

It commences with Chuu‘s acapella vocals, devoid of any instrumental accompaniment, creating a captivating blend of tension and immersion.

Chuu‘s highly anticipated first mini-album, ‘HOWL,’ was officially released on various online music platforms at 6 p.m. on the same day, marking a significant milestone in her musical career.



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