“Many girls tried to date him” — NCT’s Jungwoo had no idea he was a “heartthrob” during high school days

NCT is known for its many talented members, and among them is someone who was super popular in high school because of his handsome looks.

Before his debut with NCT 127, Jungwoo was already making waves among his female classmates due to his good looks.

During a recent interview on “The K-Star Nex Door,” MC Jonathan uncovered some interesting facts about Jungwoo‘s past.

Jonathan shared, “When you were in high school, your high school Facebook was filled with girls asking you out.”

Jungwoo‘s popularity was so intense that some of his classmates couldn’t help but feel a little sad about it, realizing that dating him was a distant dream. But there’s a twist to this story.

One of Jungwoo‘s classmates joked, “Kim Jung Woo from grade eleven studying engineering—why is he so popular? No.”

Surprisingly, Jungwoo himself had no clue about all the attention he was getting back then.

He didn’t even know about the high school Facebook page filled with girls trying to date him. It was NCTzens who eventually informed him about it.

Jungwoo‘s stunning looks didn’t stop being a hot topic after high school. Once he debuted, he continued to capture hearts with his visuals, talent, and charming personality.

Fans are now learning more about their favorite idol’s past, and it’s safe to say that Jungwoo‘s popularity has only continued to grow!



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