HYBE Labels’ rumored girl group member, Minjoo, gains attention for her insane visuals

HYBE Labels‘ upcoming girl group is already making waves, thanks to the stunning visuals of one of its rumored members, Minjoo.

On September 25th, a netizen shared their admiration for HYBE Labels‘ new girl group member in an online community forum. The post was titled, “HYBE Labels’ New Girl Group Member’s Stunning Beauty.”

Accompanied by a collection of photos showcasing HYBE trainee Minjoo, the netizen couldn’t help but gush, saying, “I now understand why they call Minjoo the center visual. I can totally see her becoming an actress in the future.”

Minjoo‘s captivating features, including her large expressive eyes, well-defined nose, and plump lips, have caught the attention of netizens, leaving them in awe of her refreshing beauty.

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