“Her speaking skills is mindblowing!” Aespa’s Giselle Assists Karina in Learning Spanish Phrases, Impressing Online Users With Her Multilingual Capabilities

The skilled aespa member speaks five languages in one vlog.

The latest aeconic vlog from aespa was revealed, and it showed members Giselle and Karina filming dance challenges with idols Jeon Somi and XG.

During the vlog, Karina told Giselle about the time she met the Japanese global girl group XG at Disneyland.

The member of aespa went up to the group, and he and they both knew each other. They planned to make a TikTok video together the next day.

As Karina told Giselle about her meeting, Giselle said she “really needs” a Japanese friend because she wants to use Japanese more.

She said in a funny way that even though the members of XG are Japanese, their Korean is so good that they “can’t help” but speak Korean together.

Karina joked with Giselle that she should speak Korean with the XG members when they filmed later that day, but then she realized that she might be able to understand some of what they were saying in Japanese.

Giselle told her that’s how she’ll learn, and Karina said she wants to live in Spain “for a little bit” to educate herself in another language.

Karina said that she chose Spain because she met a lot of friends overseas who spoke Spanish. Karina told Giselle that she didn’t know any Spanish, so Giselle taught her a few basic words and sentences.

Giselle told her how to say “Hello,” “How are you?” and “Good, and you?” in Spanish. The way she explained what “como estas” means got her a lot of attention on the Internet.

Giselle used “Ni hao ma” in Mandarin Chinese to translate “Como estas,” showing off her ability to speak more than one language.

In the vlog, Giselle spoke English with Jeon Somi, Japanese with XG’s Juria and Chisa, and small amounts of Spanish and Mandarin Chinese with Karina. She also spoke Korean fluently the whole time.

Netizens liked how Giselle could speak more than one language and how she taught Karina a language in a unique way.

Netizens also said nice things about the talented aespa member in the comments part of the vlog. Spanish-speaking MYs liked how she spoke Spanish.

@RuxCruz: “She says things very well in Spanish.”
@isasha5363: “Giselle’s language skills are really impressive!! She is very good at Spanish! A genius with words hahah”
@xartis: “[Giselle] is a very good Spanish speaker. She speaks English very well.”

In the same vlog, Giselle talked about how she had a surprising link to XG from when she was a trainee.



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