“Classy, Oriental Beauty!” NewJeans’ Minji shows off her perfect looks in a photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar Korea.

Minji from NewJeans was on the digital cover of Harper’s Bazaar Korea, which gave her a strong reputation in the fashion world.

On September 19, Harper’s Bazaar Korea released a beautiful photoshoot of Minji that showed how her flawless looks and engaging personality go together perfectly.

As an official spokesperson for the high-end brand Chanel, Minji stole the show by wearing the brand’s jewelry in a stylish and classy way.

The beautiful digital cover and charming picture with Minji can be seen in the October issue of Harper’s Bazaar Korea, as well as on their website and Instagram page.With their second EP, “Get Up,”

NewJeans became famous all over the world. It went to the top of the Billboard 200 chart just one year after their first album came out, and three of its songs made it to the top of the main song chart, “HOT 100.”

They keep going strong and do well on many worldwide charts.



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