“We would love to see more of him!” Kim Hyun Joong makes fun of his famous “Boys Over Flowers” scene 14 years after it came out

“Jihoo, do you have a girlfriend?”

Kim Hyun Joong, an idol from the second generation, recently remade a scene from the hit show Boys Over Flowers, which he was in.

The show was one of the first Korean dramas to get a lot of attention outside of Korea. In 2023, jokes about the drama are popular again because of the over-the-top acting and cringe-worthy lines.

Kim Hyun Joong put his whole heart into the spoof. He even got the same actress who was in the scene with him back then to do it again.

The actor is not Korean, so this was not easy to do. Haiming from A’ST1 was in the scene back then as Jihoo‘s foreign friend.

Later, the deliberately wrong pronunciation and messed-up grammar became a famous meme.

Haiming agreed to be in the spoof without any trouble. In 2009, A’ST1 broke up, and Haiming went back to China to start his own entertainment business.

Fans couldn’t believe that Kim Hyun Joong didn’t seem to get older.

Kim Hyun Joong has really gotten better with age, as this shows.

Jihoo sunbae hasn’t changed at all.

Some people said how much they missed him.

We would love to see Kim Hyun Joong show up in more K-dramas.

Fans of Boys Over Flowers can rest easy, though, because he hasn’t forgotten about the popular series.



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