Netizens can’t get enough of RIIZE member Wonbin’s stunning close-up photos

SM Entertainment‘s RIIZE group member Wonbin has captured the hearts of netizens with his jaw-dropping close-up shots.

Ever since his debut, he has been hailed as one of the best-looking male idols in the K-pop scene. Now, these extreme close-up photos have everyone wondering if he truly deserves the title.

Originally shared on Pann, netizens are buzzing about the breathtaking close-up pictures of RIIZE‘s Wonbin.

The post, titled “SM RIIZE’S Heartthrob Wonbin in Captivating Close-Up Shots,” has garnered significant attention.

Here are some of the top comments that have caught everyone’s eye:

“Wow, he’s really handsome!”

“He’s like a perfect blend of Im Siwan and D.O.”

“Thank you for debuting! You’ve brought so much joy into my life, lol.”

“Is he the male version of NewJeans Minji? He’s got that vibe.”

“I’m seeing a mix of Kangta and Transfer Love’s Hyungyu in him!”

“SM never fails to impress.”

“Any idea about his age? 😱”

“SM keeps churning out stunners, it’s unbelievable!”

“He’s like a combination of Winwin, D.O, and Im Siwan.”

“I spotted him at Incheon airport and my goodness, he was seriously good-looking! He even took time for fans and his fan service was on point.”

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