“Is this BL?” — Rookie actor Kim Yoon Woo harbors one-sided love towards Nam Goong Min in ‘My Dearest’

The MBC drama ‘My Dearest‘ has been gaining immense popularity, and one supporting character, in particular, has captured the audience’s attention with his remarkable chemistry alongside the male lead, Nam Goong Min.

In the drama, newcomer Kim Yoon Woo takes on the role of Ryang Eum, known as ‘the greatest voice in all of Joseon‘.

At the age of 12, Ryang Eum realizes that he’s attracted to men instead of women. As he grows up, he becomes an entertainer with the ability to touch the hearts of any man who hears his song.

However, Ryang Eum holds a secret, one-sided love for his close friend Lee Jang Hyun (played by Nam Goong Min).

Jang Hyun sees Ryang Eum as just a friend and remains unaware of Ryang Eum‘s true feelings. Determined to keep his emotions hidden, Ryang Eum decides never to confess his love.

Kim Yoon Woo, who plays Ryang Eum, makes his debut on a broadcasting station drama with a significant supporting role in ‘My Dearest‘.

Earlier this year, he appeared in ‘Delightfully Deceitful‘ as a younger version of actor Kim Dong Wook.

Despite being new to the scene, Kim Yoon Woo has garnered positive attention for his skillful portrayal of the intricate character, Ryang Eum.

Viewers have shared their thoughts:

“His voice is amazing. I’m hoping they release the ‘Ryang Eum’ version of the OST.”

“I can see the envy in his eyes when he looks at the female lead.”

“Considering his young age (born in 2000), he’s quite talented.”

“I really adore his character. I hope he doesn’t take a negative turn later on.”

“That song he sang in episode 2 really touched me.”

“Is this BL?”

Catch ‘My Dearest‘ on MBC, starring Nam Goong Min, Ahn Eun Jin, Lee Hak Joo, Kim Yoon Woo, and more. The drama airs every Friday and Saturday at 9:50 PM KST. Don’t miss it!



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