“Her reaction is adorable!” — NewJeans’ Minji Becomes A Popular Fangirl At “2023 Lollapalooza Chicago”

Her favorite singer showed love to the hero.

NewJeans went to Lollapalooza in Chicago in 2023. Their performance was so good that even the people who worked at the event became fans.

Even Minji became a famous fangirl because of an interview she did at the event.

When NewJeans talked to a radio station, the hosts asked, “Is there anyone you’re excited to see perform at ‘LOLLA’?” Minji was excited to see a certain singer, even though there were so many to choose from.

Minji praised the Japanese-British artist Rina Sawayama by saying, “Rina Sawayama. “I like her” People did pay attention to the answer.

Rina Sawayama saw the clip for herself because a fan account shared Minji’s statement. She tweeted back, “Aw, I love you, too, Minji and NewJeans.”

Surprisingly, Minji wasn’t the only fan who got a job because of the sweet exchange.

Early in the year, Rina Sawayama‘s version of “OMG” by NewJeans showed that she was a fan.

Check out the Minji moment that made her and Rina Sawayama famous fangirls.



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