“Buddies are crying rn” — GFRIEND members surprise fans with a heartwarming reunion, showing off their close friendship

GFriend members have come together again, and fans are overwhelmed with nostalgia for the group’s journey and the unforgettable memories they shared.

On August 5th, Sowon shared a group picture on her Instagram featuring all her former groupmates, showcasing their unbreakable bond. This post instantly stirred up a wave of emotions among fans.

She later updated her Instagram story with pictures they took at a photo booth after their heartwarming reunion.

GFriend‘s journey began in 2015 when they made their debut under Source Music with the hit track, “Glass Bead.”

Unfortunately, in May 2021, GFriend announced their disbandment, leaving many fans disheartened.

However, this recent post served as a reminder that despite pursuing individual paths, their bond remains strong.

Fans expressed their hopes of witnessing the members reunite in some form, be it for a special performance or a collaborative song.

Comments from fans:

“Buddies are shedding tears rn”

“It appears the disbandment wasn’t due to individual promotions or relationship hiccups, as they are getting together so often.”

“Looking forward to celebrating their 9th debut anniversary!”

“Wishing them all success in their respective endeavors, and I hope they come together later to release a new song.”

“Seeing the group picture makes me feel like I’ve time-traveled to the past.”

“Not to say anything bad about Sserafim, but GFriend got the boot because of them. Source wanted the newer type of car. But they forgot what got them to where they are now.”

“Fans who haven’t found out that their favorite group doesn’t really get along should never forget how lucky they are.”

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