“Is that an iPhone?” — IVE’s Jang Won Young’s phone choice becomes a hot topic after attending Samsung event

IVE‘s Jang Won Young faced criticism for her choice of smartphone after attending a Samsung event.

The ‘Unpacked‘ event by Samsung took place on July 26 in South Korea, where Jang Won Young was present as a notable celebrity in the front row.

During the event, she appeared alongside American actress Sydney Sweeney, showcasing Samsung‘s new ZFlip5 phone while taking a selfie together.

Later, Jang Won Young shared the selfie on her Instagram, but both netizens and media outlets noticed a black heart emoji in the post, which is exclusive to iPhones.

This sparked criticism towards the star, with some questioning her allegiance to Samsung, while others came to her defense, arguing that she wasn’t an official Samsung model.

However, it’s worth noting that she has been part of Samsung campaigns before as an endorsement model for SK Telecom.

In a separate incident, Jang Won Young also received backlash for her reaction to a young child approaching her.



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