SHINee’s Intimate Film Camera Shots Stun Fans, but It’s the Photographer’s Identity That Shocks Them!

Recent film camera shots of SHINee during their “Hard” promotions have captured the hearts of fans, but the revelation of the photographer’s identity left them even more astonished.

As SHINee engaged in activities for their 8th full album’s title track, they treated their fans to intimate behind-the-scenes photos through social media.

Fans were captivated by the distinct and stylish atmosphere of these photos and eagerly speculated about the photographer’s identity.

In a recent Instagram post, SHINee member Key unveiled the answer by giving a special mention to the photographer herself, Ji Hyang.

He expressed his wishes for her well-being, indicating that the remarkable film camera shots of SHINee members backstage were the work of this talented female dancer.

Ji Hyang, who can be seen in the top left of the accompanying photo, had previously caught the attention of K-Pop enthusiasts due to her beauty resembling that of an idol. Now, her photography skills are garnering her fame once again.

Netizens took to the comments section to express their thoughts:

“SM should give her a bonus for these amazing pics.”

“She’s incredibly skilled at capturing moments. I wonder what camera she uses.”

“They should consider hiring her as their official backstage photographer, haha.”

“I hope she gets the chance to take photos of my favorite idol if she collaborates with them.”

“These photos possess a professional quality that is truly impressive.”

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