“I feel sorry for the CEO” — Netizens admire ATTRAKT’s exceptional care for FIFTY FIFTY despite being a small label

Netizens are actively sharing their admiration for how ATTRAKT has taken care of its FIFTY FIFTY members, despite being a small label.

The label went above and beyond by providing the members with luxury brand clothing for their promotions.

Recently, a post highlighting the outfits worn by FIFTY FIFTY during their major promotions, including concept photos and music shows, caught the attention of online users.

The ensembles featured renowned brands such as Miu Miu, JW Anderson, Charles Jeffrey Loverboy, and more.

The post also emphasized that small labels generally have limited budgets and often cannot afford expensive clothing for their artists.

Thus, the netizens appreciated the extra effort ATTRAKT put into selecting these luxurious outfits for their members.

Comments from netizens included:

“It seems like large labels get sponsored by the brands, but I doubt ATTRAKT had the same privilege. I feel sorry for the CEO.”

“I doubt they could find a better CEO than him.”

“Even though I haven’t experienced this personally, it still hurts…”

“I saw a former labelmate talking about the CEO. Maybe they got too used to him being kind, or maybe they thought it was all thanks to Ahn Sung Ill?”

“Honestly, this is the first time I’ve seen idols from a small company wearing luxury brands.”

“Even the ‘big 4’ weren’t this generous when they were starting out.”

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